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The CEO of a boutique asset management business was concerned that the burden of CF10 and CF11 compliance was becoming too much for him in addition to his day to day duties as CEO. The business was not large enough to warrant a full time Compliance executive.
Months prior to meeting the client, SM-J had met with a highly competent lawyer who had fulfilled most of the duties required of a compliance officer. This person was specifically seeking a part-time role.
SM-J introduced the two parties and the CEO now has the comfort of an experienced part-time compliance expert to manage the firm's regulatory risk and exposure.

FSA regulatory requirements

We have provided banking experts to several banks facing the increased responsibilities of meeting new regulatory requirements. In particular in 2010 we worked closely with someone who has over twenty five years experience in banking regulation, particularly focusing on the Liquidity Reporting regime which has been introduced by the FSA. Our consultant has provided his services both full time and part time to banks ranging from a major full-service bank over six months, full time, to smaller projects with second tier banks and foreign branches where the best solution was to provide his expertise on a part time basis as and when needed.
These projects were developed as a result of focused meetings with the potential client where we discussed their needs in detail and reverted with a proposal as to how our consultant would be able to work with them to meet compliance requirements and deadlines. For the smaller projects a totally flexible approach was offered which matched the consultant's availability with the client's needs. In all cases, the consultant was "hands on", working closely with the client.

Insurance - systems break down

A mid-sized insurance business was suffering financial difficulty, on the brink of administration. One of the key issues was the hiatus caused by a systems change which had not been managed properly, resulting in great difficulty in establishing the true financial position of the business.
Within days of receiving the brief, we provided a very experienced chartered accountant who had always enjoyed the challenges presented by poorly implemented systems. Working closely with the Managing Director, he was able to combine the extensive reconciliation work with assisting with negotiations with banks and investors to buy more time for the business.
While the initial brief was financial reporting, the actual delivery and added value was much wider because of the depth of experience of the individual engaged.

Independent Financial Adviser - management inertia

The founder and CEO of a long established mid sized IFA business was concerned that his business, while moderately successful, lacked focus and direction at Board level. The company had managed for years without a formally trained Finance Director and he also felt that the financial strategy of the business was weak.
Our solution was to provide an experienced FD on a part-time basis to address several issues over six months, including strategy and planning. Our consultant had worked at senior level in several financial services businesses combining good, down to earth communication skills with detailed knowledge of the business.
He re-focused the Board, clarified individuals' responsibilities, and introduced a greater financial awareness throughout the organisation which helped them focus on profitable business areas.

Foreign exchange dealer - problems of fast growth

Exponential levels of business growth had lead to significant accounting problems in a foreign exchange business. The FD had made several attempts to engage appropriate staff to help overcome deficiencies but temp agencies had been unable to provide suitably experienced people to address several reconciliation issues.
On receiving the brief, we contacted an accountant who immediately came to mind because of his extensive reconciliation experience. He had kept in touch with us for several years but never worked with us either because of availability or lack of suitable projects.
Fortunately on this occasion he was available and commenced work immediately and in three months he was able to make a significant contribution to regaining financial control in the business.

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